About us

Dr Marta Kempny

Marta is a social anthropologist originally from Poland. Marta completed her PhD in Social Anthropology at QUB in 2010 and has been teaching anthropology since then. She is also currently working at the Migrant Centre NI as an EUSS support worker. This project straddles her scholarly interests in migration to NI and her work on the ground within the local migrant communities.

Dr Maruška Svašek

Maruška is a Dutch anthropologist who has worked at Queen’s University Belfast since 1999. Before completing her PhD degree in anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, she finished a BA in painting and graphics in the Netherlands. Her main research and teaching interests include materiality, art, human mobility and emotions. As Research Fellow of The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, she is also interested in conflict-related issues, in particular in conflicts about material production. In recent years, she has returned to painting and drawing, exploring how artistic activities can be used as ethnographic tool.

Tiffany Donnelly

Originally from the US, Tiffany has made her home in Belfast. She has a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, with an interest in oil painting, pen and ink drawings, and portraiture.